Thoughts on Regeneration

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How do we know when we are regenerating land?  Lindsay Dailey, executive director and co-founder of the Tribal Ecosystem Restoration Alliance in Lake County, shares the concepts inherent in “kincentric permaculture“.

The top strategies are regenerating (and preserving) soil and ecosystems. But how do we know if we are regenerating ecosystems?

The answer: observation.

Here is what to look for as signs that regeneration is happening:
(1) Enhanced Native Biodiversity
(2) Rehydration of the Landscape – increasing water quality and quantity (water belongs in plants and in the soil)
(3) Carbon Sequestration – a working carbon cycle — (Carbon belongs in soil and in plants)
(4) Human Reciprocity with Place – soil-food web

To get inspired by and support the work of land regeneration, you can visit the Tribal Ecosystem Restoration Alliance (TERA):

Another inspiring resource for regenerating and protecting ecosystems comes to us via John Liu: ecosystem restoration camps.  To get further-inspired, visit: 

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