“Love and Peace to the Whole World–Think It and Make it Happen”

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As we left Louisville, KY, this morning, we skirted around the city and passed by the KFC Yum! Center. Sometimes I wonder what future generations will think of us when they unearth our cultural icons?

The fog was soupy as we drove into Indiana. For at least fifty miles, we could not see clearly ahead of or around us. The driving was not difficult if I paid attention to the road right in front of me and the cars around me. I decided to make that the mantra for the day and for the rest of our journey – paying attention one mile at a time – living each day one moment at a time. At. 9:00AM (Pacific Time) we joined with people across the globe for a ten-minute focused prayer for a peaceful solution to the crisis around the possible U.S. intervention in Syria.” Love and Peace to the Whole World – Think It and Make It Happen.”

Driving for long distances provides plenty of time and freedom for reflection. Today I was remembering John’s story of his website came into being. “In the fall of 2005 while I was visiting and working at Green Mountain Monastery, I started thinking about tying all the places that are earth friendly together on a website. Aware of the cost I decided to wait until I hit the lottery.” John then described the places he visited for the next two years and how each experience drew him closer to Mother Earth.

Then he wrote what I consider my lesson for today. “In March of 2007 while sorting through my papers I came across what I had written at Green Mountain Monastery in 2005. I decided – given my awareness of how Mother Earth is being destroyed daily – I could not wait to hit the lottery to begin tying places together. I had to start now with what I had. I contacted Denise Rushing at Dancing TreePeople Orchard and Farm for assistance in setting up a website. www.people4motherearth.net was created.”

I am reminded of Drew Dellinger’s powerful question: What did you do once you knew?

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