A love story

by Apr 20, 20086 comments

I was reminded today of how very much I love this place and the people who live here.
This montage of photos is offered as a gift: in deep gratitude for what we have. The photographs were taken at or within a few miles of my home here in Upper Lake.

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A Watershed Moment

A Watershed Moment

I need to acknowledge the dire political situation we now face here in the United States. A recent indicator is the fall of Roe v. Wade, but please understand that this is far bigger than one court decision. This is a watershed moment for democracy and justice in the...

Clean Energy Innovation

Clean Energy Innovation

I had an opportunity to chat with Thomas Hall and Gary Simon from CleanStart about the programs for energy technology innovators in California

Thoughts on Regeneration

Thoughts on Regeneration

How do we know when we are regenerating land?  Lindsay Dailey, executive director and co-founder of the Tribal Ecosystem Restoration Alliance in Lake County, shares the concepts inherent in "kincentric permaculture". The top strategies are regenerating (and...

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  1. Anonymous

    Thank you, Denise for the beautiful story.

    Sue S
    EAT 2005

  2. LisaJensen

    Denise! that was so lovely, inspiring and thoughtful. thank you for taking the time to put it together to share with us.

  3. Pia Jensen

    How lovely, Thank You, for posting this, Denise. It was so nice visiting your 'home' this way. I am reminded of all the beautiful reasons to miss Nor Cal by watching your show. Love, Pia Jensen (all the way down in Florida).

  4. terreal

    Peaceful, sustainable and loving – that's what I see in the landscape and people. Thank you for putting this together. It was – and your place and Lake Co. is – beautiful.

  5. Anonymous

    That was beautiful. Yeah, every once in awhile we need to think about and appreciate all that we have. Your home in Upper Lake looks very peaceful. Your love for it makes it even more lovely.

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